Dining Hall

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Victory Valley Camp Capital Campaign

Dining Hall and Kitchen Addition:

Total Cost $1,300,000

$50,120.00 Needed to Schedule Construction

You can help make this project happen by giving to the capital campaign fund. No gift is to small and every gift will make a difference. Prayfuly consider giving a monthly gift over the next 3 years or a one-time gift. Just click here now to donate.

Construction can begin in September 2017 but your help is needed to start. Help us have the new dining hall ready for the Children of VVC! If we have the $50,120.00 in committements we will schedule construction. Remember, your gift can be givin monthly, quartly, yearly or all at once. Please help the children who attend the camp.

The Power of a Pledge

We invite you to consider making a Pledge to the campaign as a way to help Victory Valley Camp meet the $1.3 Million Goal. The capital campaign extends over the next 3 years, so monies may be given upfront or over that time. You may choose the timing of your giving: one-time, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly.