COVID Safety

Victory Valley Camp is committed to the highest safety standards for every guest and staff member that comes to camp. We are planning to implement the following protocols, in addition to our established safety procedures, to make our programs even safer for guests and staff.

Victory Valley camping season begins June 27, 2021.  Based on the anticipated announcement from the Pennsylvania Governor, we will not be requiring campers or staff to wear facemasks at any time during the camping season.  [external link to news story]


 screening    cleaning  

Camper Screening:

  • Guests will need to be
    symptom free for at
    least 72 hours prior to
    coming to camp
  • Guests with a temp of
    100.4 or higher will
    not be permitted to attend.




Thorough Cleaning:

  • Facilities will be
    thoroughly cleaned in
    accordance with CDC
  • Staff will sanitize high
    touch areas daily.
 food service    activities  

Food Service Safety:

  • Staff will be equipped
    with gloves and masks in
    accordance with CDC
  • Staff will disinfect all tables
    and high touch areas prior
    to each meal.
  • Hand sanitizer and a
    handwashing sink will be
    available at the dining hall.

Safe Activities:

  • Many activities will be
    done in cohort groups, but
    others will not. 
  • Masks will be optional for
    campers and staff.
  • Campers and staff are
    encouraged to practice
    physical distancing.
  • Hand sanitizer will be
    available in every building.